About us

Who we are

Kaibosh is based in Wellington and is New Zealand’s first and most well-established food rescue organisation.

Robyn and George Langlands founded Kaibosh in 2008. It began with them collecting food from Wishbone and storing it overnight in their home fridge before delivering it to Wellington Women’s Refuge the following day. They soon realised that there was plenty more food to rescue and set about building Kaibosh into what it is today.

Kaibosh won the Community Impact and Mega Efficiency Impact categories of the 2015 NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards, and was the Supreme Winner of the 2012 Trustpower National Community Awards – all honours which have gone a long way towards raising the profile not only of Kaibosh, but of food rescue in New Zealand.

Kaibosh has no religious, political, or other affiliations.

What we do

Working in Wellington and the Hutt Valley with the help of a dedicated team of more than 160 volunteers, Kaibosh rescues and sorts food 7 days a week. We deliver 10,000kg of quality surplus food each month to community groups that support people in need. This is the equivalent of 28,500 meals provided to those who need it most, as well as a 7,785kg reduction in carbon emissions. Kaibosh provides this service at no cost to food donors or community groups.

By bringing together food donors, volunteers and community groups, Kaibosh connects quality surplus food with those who need it most, benefiting both our community and our environment.

Kaibosh respects any existing relationships between community groups and food retailers – we focus on complementing the great work that is already happening in our community.

Why we do it

Food rescue is good for our community and environment in many ways:

  • Community groups receive a wide range of healthy, nutritious food.
  • This food is provided free of charge, allowing community groups to focus their limited resources on providing valuable services.
  • Stopping quality food from being thrown out significantly cuts down the amount of carbon emissions entering the atmosphere.
  • Food donors make a valuable contribution by providing food to those in their community who need it most.
  • Volunteers have a direct and positive impact on their community and environment.

Our vision

Zero Food Poverty, Zero Food Waste.

Our mission

To be the link between the food industry and those that support people in need.

Our values

Kaibosh encourages staff, volunteers, and trustees to be: courageous, compassionate, smart, genuine, and independent.