15 Years of Food Rescue – Media Release

Woman holding box of produce stands in front of a Kaibosh food rescue van next to crates of milk bottles.


Oct 23


Kaibosh Food Rescue is 15 – serving the community since 2008

Media Release – 3 October 2023

Getting good food to people, instead of going to landfill just makes sense. That’s what Kaibosh Food Rescue has been doing since 2008. Kaibosh turns 15 in October, and since starting up has rescued and re-distributed an astounding 3.5 million kgs of surplus food, which equates to more than 10 million meals worth of kai getting to people via their network of hard-working community groups.

Susie Robertson, CE/Kaiarahi of Kaibosh since June 2023, says “the work Kaibosh does is so tangible – every day I get to witness so much rescued healthy and nutritious food going out to our partner charities who then distribute it to those suffering from food insecurity. I am so grateful to the food donors, the staff, the volunteers, our community partners, and our funders who help us keep the wheels turning at Kaibosh day in and day out.”

“We can’t do what we do without the generous support of the Wellington community. We know times are tough, but we are hoping that people could spare $15.00 to acknowledge 15 years of service to the community.”

“Funding for food rescue from central Government is expected to reduce in the next few years, while community need is increasing with the cost-of-living crisis. Every $15 donated to Kaibosh means they we can provide 30 meals worth of good kai for people who are currently in need.”








Kaibosh partners with over 140 charities and community groups in the Greater Wellington Region – soup kitchens, food banks, Marae, afterschool clubs, transitional housing services and more – ensuring that the good quality rescued kai is re-distributed to people who need it most. Providing these groups with food, means they can focus on their core work of supporting people with wrap-around social services. In turn, Kaibosh, focuses on the logistics of food rescue and being the link between the food industry and community groups who support people in need.

Kaibosh is planning a week of open days at their three sites to mark their 15th birthday, between 14 and 20 October – find the details here.


Kaibosh is the OG of Food Rescue! The first food rescue charity was founded in 2008 in Wellington.

Since day one, Kaibosh has been tackling the problems of both food poverty and food waste. They were a driving force in getting clause 352, known as the Good Samaritan Clause into the New Zealand Food Act 2014, which states that companies can donate or give away unsold food and are protected from any liability provided the food is safely maintained and is suitable to eat. This change in legislation was a game changer for the expansion of food rescue in Aotearoa.

Kaibosh rescue and sort quality surplus food seven days a week with the help of their 150 strong volunteer network in Wellington City, Lower Hutt, and Paraparaumu.

Only 5% of the surplus food rescued by Kaibosh is deemed unsuitable for people to eat, so is provided to an animal sanctuary and pig farms, and to community compost hubs.

Kaibosh Food Rescue by the numbers – since 2008:

  • 5million KG of good quality surplus food rescued from being needlessly wasted
  • 10 million meals worth of good kai re-distributed to people in need
  • 930,000 kg of CO2 equivalent emissions stopped from entering the atmosphere, as food is diverted from going to rot in landfill


Susie Robertson, CE, Kaibosh Food Rescue – 0220314262