Food Rescue Heroes – Terms & Conditions

Kaibosh is a not-for-profit organisation working hard for good in the community and Food Rescue Heroes is based on generosity, trust and goodwill. Please respect the following:

  1. Your Food Rescue Heroes card is non-transferable – this means it can only be used by you.
  2. Offers are not valid alongside other special offers, deals or promotions (including complimentary vouchers) from the retailer.
  3. Offers are not available on public holidays.
  4. Offers are not redeemable for cash.
  5. You can only access discounts during the period that you are a regular giver to Kaibosh.
  6. A retailer has the right to withdraw their offer at any point throughout the year – a list of current deals is available here.
  7. You must present your Food Rescue Heroes card (with retailers code) to the retailer to redeem your deal.
  8. Your Food Rescue Heroes card is valid until 31 October the following year, when a new card will be issued.
  9. Your Food Rescue Heroes card must be returned if you no longer give regularly to Kaibosh.
  10. Food Rescue Heroes is about facilitating deals and promotions from supporting businesses for individuals who give to our organisation. Kaibosh is under no obligation to provide any goods directly to supporters.
  11. Participating businesses reserve the right to add their own additional terms and conditions.
  12. Please note that under IRD regulations we are unable to issue tax-deductible donation receipts for Food Rescue Heroes contributions. If a donation receipt is important to you, you can still donate regularly to us by clicking here.