Help Hopper Street

Help our Wellington City branch’s new Hopper Street home!



We’re excited to finally have a new home for our city branch on Hopper Street. After being shaken by the Kaikoura earthquake in November 2016 we had to move out of Tennyson Street. At times it was tough, but we kept things running in temporary locations.

Our Wellington City branch has now found a permanent home on Hopper Street, but with moving comes costs. We need your help to get tonnes of quality surplus food to the people who need it most.


Here’s how you can help:


$20 provides a week’s food for someone in need

Every day we pick up quality surplus food from Wellington donors in the Kaibosh trucks. Volunteers sort the food at Hopper Street and it’s then collected by community groups, who pass it on to people in need.

$1 equals a meal for a local Wellingtonian. $20 can provide a week’s food for one person. Your generosity can help us get food to a fellow human in need.


Provide a week’s food


$50 funds two food rescue crates

Reusable plastic crates are used during our daily runs to collect, transport and store food. The crates are taken back to Hopper Street, ready for our volunteers to sort the food in the evening.

We need more crates to collect surplus food each day and make sure it reaches people in need.


Provide two crates


$150 funds food rescue truck runs for a week


Each day Kaibosh trucks are on the road. We make multiple stops to rescue food that’s generously been donated by Wellington businesses.

It costs to keep our trucks on the road. We need your help to continue our collection runs, stop quality surplus food from ending up in landfills and get it into the hands of people in need.

Your $150 donation can help us cover the cost of food rescue truck runs for a week.


Support food rescue truck runs for a week


$250 funds a food sorting table


Each evening teams of Kaibosh volunteers quality check and allocate the rescued food on sorting tables. The quality food is then collected by community groups, who pass it on to people in need.

Donate the cost of a sorting table and help us ensure food provided to those in need is of top quality.


Provide a food sorting table


$500 provides food for a family for two months

Around 5,000 families face food insecurity in the Wellington region, yet food is being needlessly discarded while local people are hungry.

With $500 Kaibosh can provide two months of food for a local family of four. Donate to help us put food on the table for a Wellington family in need.


Provide a month's food for a family


Kaibosh exists because of the generosity of people like you. We’re excited about this next chapter for Kaibosh, but we need your help!

Support Kaibosh as we work to end food poverty and food waste in the Wellington region.


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