Kaibosh has a kitchen!


Jan 24


This project has been simmering over recent months. Inside our largest food rescue hub in Pito-one, we have created a new cooking zone!

Kai cooked at Kaibosh will use ‘second-sort’ rescued produce which can’t be distributed to the community as is. It’s the boxes of slightly squishy tomatoes, damaged vegetables, or bruised fruit – often it’s seasonal surplus that just needs a little TLC to be edible. Instead of being sent off to compost or to feed animals, we can now turn this food into nutritious, safe and delicious kai to distribute to our partner charities. Feeding people first!

A big thank you to our supporters, funders and food business partners who back our food rescue mahi and have jumped in to support our new kitchen project!

Kitchen pilot underway

Late last year the pilot stage kicked off, testing recipes and processes with volunteers, sharing kai with some of our partner charities in the Hutt and gathering feedback. Now, with Ange Holtslag joining Kaibosh as our new Kitchen Coordinator, we’re planning to launch into full production in March 2024.

With the help of awesome food-prep volunteers, Ange and the team will start making nutritious pots of kai to distribute to our partner charities supporting people in need in our communities.


Welcome Ange – our new Kitchen Coordinator!

Woman smiling, wearing a Kaibosh t-shirt stands in front of a box of vegetables on a bench.

You may recognise Ange from her wonderful mahi leading and supporting local kai initiatives and events, in Te Awa Kairangi and Te Whanganui a Tara!

Ange co-founded and serves as a trustee at Seeds to Feeds, a charity supporting communities and celebrating local food. She also leads the Petone Depot’s Koha Cafe on Fridays.

Read more about Ange on our Team page.


Can you support our kitchen?

It’s not too late, if you’re interested in finding out how you can support the Kaibosh kitchen. Please get in touch. Email support@kaibosh.org.nz or call us – we’d love to hear from you.