How to host a meal

1. Grab your Make a Meal in May pack

We’ve put together a downloadable pack that will make hosting a meal as easy as pie. It includes:

  • Name cards for your guests
  • Welcome sign
  • Donation sign
  • Competition entry form

Head here to get your pack.

2. Get your friends or workmates together

Write them an email, send them a text, give them a call, or make a Facebook event.

3. Tell them about Make a Meal in May

Here’s an easy description:

“Let’s make a meal with a difference for Kaibosh’s annual fundraising appeal. It’s simple – we’ll share a meal and then each donate to Kaibosh what we would have spent eating out, helping to put food on the table for people in need.”

You can find more information about Make a Meal in May here.

4. Plan your menu

Will you cook for everyone or will it be a pot luck meal? If you have the space, maybe you could all cook together.

We’ve collected a few of our favourite recipes that work well for groups – have a look below for inspiration.

Starters & sides



5. Set up a donation box

Having a donation box set up with envelopes for your guests’ donations is an easy way for people to give what they can with no pressure. Pop it by the door and guests can donate on their way in or out.

6. Make your meal, capture the moment and sit down and enjoy!

Take a photo or video of your meal with friends or workmates to share later on social media. Then sit down and enjoy the yummy food!

7. Complete and send in your competition entry form

Everyone who takes part in a meal and makes a donation to Kaibosh can enter our competition to win a delicious Shed 5 meal!

Get everyone at your meal to add their details to the competition entry form, take a photo of the form and email it to makeamealinmay@kaibosh.org.nz to be in to win.

8. Share what you’ve achieved

After you’ve had a lovely meal, count up the funds donated and share the total with everyone who came along. You can use our handy infographic to work out how many meals Kaibosh will be able to provide with this – you’ll see even a little bit goes a long way!

Share the meal photos or videos on social media with the hashtag #MakeaMealinMay and tag your friends!

9. Make your donation

You can donate the funds raised to Kaibosh by:

  • Credit card 

  • Online banking

    Account name: Kaibosh Food Rescue
    Account number: 38-9008-0520415-02

    Please include your name or company name as a reference for the donation.
    So that we can provide you with a tax receipt, please email us with the following information:

    • Name of the company or individual making the donation
    • Email or postal address
    • Telephone contact (we like to say thank you!)
    • Date and amount of donation
  • Cheque

    Please make cheques payable to Kaibosh and post to PO Box 9264, Marion Square, Wellington 6141.

10. Pat yourself and your friends on the back for Making a Meal and Making a Difference!