Make a Meal at cafés & restaurants

Kaibosh is lucky to be part of Wellington’s delicious and generous foodie scene. Make a Meal in May is the ideal chance for your business to give back too, and there are plenty of ways to do it.

During May you could:

  • Add a special cocktail or meal to your menu, or donate the profits from something that’s already on your menu
  • Put on a set menu or host a ticketed meal with proceeds to Kaibosh
  • Hold a karma keg fundraiser

We’ll promote your fundraiser through our newsletters, FacebookTwitter and Instagram – with a combined audience of over 10,000 Kaibosh friends, we’re sure we can send some business your way.

Our best advice is to keep it simple – do something you’d be doing anyway, but donate the profits to Make a Meal in May.

The good people at House of Dumplings and Hillside Kitchen did us proud in previous years – read about what they did below.


House of Dumplings

Meal made

House of Dumplings donated $1 for every meal pack sold at their Wellington shop during the first week of May.

Why Make a Meal in May?

Queen of Dumplings Vicky says:

“We’re in the food industry – it’s our job to feed people. Why not help Kaibosh help those who are struggling to afford food?”

How donations were made

Direct to Kaibosh from House of Dumplings.

Vicky’s top tip

“It’s heading towards winter and it’s time to huddle – do something that lets you enjoy some group hug warmth from your mates.”


Hillside Kitchen

Meal made

The Hillside Kitchen team begged, borrowed and foraged ingredients, volunteering their restaurant and time to create ‘Priceless’ – a unique multi-course dinner for which customers paid what they thought it was worth.

Why Make a Meal in May?

Owner Asher says:

“That’s simple – I love what Kaibosh does. As the owner of two restaurants, the thought of not having food doesn’t even come into consideration. To think that there are people out there who don’t have enough to eat really tugs at my heartstrings, so we wanted to raise money for this great charity.”

How donations were made

Customers decided how much to pay for the meal, with 100% of the proceeds being donated to Kaibosh.

Asher’s top tip

“Make the meal interesting. The donations are great, but spreading the word about Kaibosh also has a long term effect – make the most of this by putting on a meal that people will talk about.”