Make a Meal at work

Here’s the perfect excuse to get your team together for a good cause!

By Making a Meal in May, your workplace can give back to your community and have a heap of fun at the same time.

Here are a few ideas of how to do it.

  • A shared lunch, with people donating what they would have spent on lunch out.
  • After-work drinks at the office – buy in some drinks and snacks, with people donating what they would have spent out at a bar.
  • Run a workplace meal competition, with each team holding their own meal and competing to see who can raise the most money.
  • If you’re an employer who really wants to push the boat out, how about buying a meal for your team so they can donate more, or matching the donation your team makes?

Our friends at Trade Me and BizDojo Wellington got on board – read about what they did below, then check out our step-by-step guide to hosting a meal.


Trade Me

Meal made

Trade Me bought lunch for their Wellington staff – about 200 people.

Why Make a Meal in May?

Charities Coordinator Catherine says:

“Trade Me loves what Kaibosh does. They do important work in the community and are a fantastic bunch of people. We’ve been fans for a long time and have donated food whenever we could. Make a Meal in May was a great opportunity for us to show our support on a larger scale.”

How donations were made

Staff donated in cash or online, with Trade Me also making a donation.

Catherine’s top tip

“Give people plenty of information about Kaibosh ahead of time, so they can learn more about their work and understand how their donation will help.”


BizDojo Wellington

Meal made

A shared lunch with 25 residents of the co-working space.

Why Make a Meal in May?

Former Community Manager Monique says:

“We took part because Kaibosh aligns with our brand values – with the most important being ‘Do the Right Thing’.

Working with Dojo residents on how to run the lunch was one of the best parts – it brought us all together to enjoy a meal with one another, while giving back to those in need. It’s nice to connect through good intentions and heart rather than work-related necessities.”

How donations were made

In cash or online.

Monique’s top tip

“Ask people to bring one or two ingredients which they already have at home. With a bit of planning this can combine to make a great lunch, and people don’t have to go to heaps of trouble – which makes them more likely to come along. Also, by spending less on food, people can donate more to Kaibosh.

Take dietary requirements into consideration too!”