Minimising food waste a win-win


Jan 23


A Kaibosh volunteer sorts food into a box with a heading overlaid that reads My Climate Response.

Helping at Kaibosh is helping our environment

Jeannine is one of our awesome volunteers at Kaibosh. She lends a hand once a week for a couple of hours as a Kaibosh Food Sorting Volunteer.

Jeannine is passionate about reducing her carbon footprint as much as possible – so we recently had a chat to ask her more about how she does it. Her #ClimateResponse might give you a few ideas take action to reduce your own carbon footprint in 2023.

What do you do to reduce your carbon footprint?

“I ride a bike everywhere. I drive an EV car when I have to. I grow some veges and fruit. Use up all food purchased and compost food waste. I recycle soft plastics.

I also got solar panels on the roof. Using energy when the sun’s shining, means using our own power.”

Why do you choose to volunteer for Kaibosh?

“Minimising food waste in our society seems like a no brainer – both for the costs to the environment of producing food that is uneaten, and the fact we have families who need good food. It’s a win both ways.”

Why do you love Kaibosh?

“Kaibosh looks after and values it’s volunteers. The staff – paid and volunteers – are good people who are on the same wavelength. It’s a practical task that makes a big difference. I love the  Kaibosh values, ethics and the way it functions – composting, recycling, looking after each other.”

Thanks Jeannine! We love having YOU in the Kaibosh whānau.

Do you want to reduce waste and help your community this year? You could lend a hand at Kaibosh as a volunteer, or support us with a donation.

Food rescue, making a difference right across Aotearoa

In 2022, Kaibosh rescued and distributed over 800,000 kg of food in the Greater Wellington Region which would otherwise have gone to waste. This equates to more than 2 million meals worth of kai we were able to get to people who need it most in our communities.

In the past year, members of our Aotearoa Food Rescue Alliance collectively saved more than 20 million Kgs of CO2 e going into the atmosphere and diverted over 6 billion Litres of water from going to waste. That’s a massive win-win for our environment and society.

Get inspired by GenLess climate response stories

We were inspired to share this interview, after reading the GenLess website ‘Right Side of History’. Check it out for climate response stories from people across Aotearoa.