Our year in review 2021-2022


Oct 22


Each year brings new challenges to Kaibosh but also new opportunities the 12 months period between July 2021-June 2022 saw this trend continue. With the publication of our regular Annual Review 2021-2022, we’ve been reflecting on the challenges and successes of the past year.

Undoubtably the largest challenge for our team at Kaibosh in the past year, has been the increased demand put on our services with the arrival of COVID-19 in our communities and the affect that this has had on so many who were already struggling with the day-to-day realities of food insecurity. We continue to do our utmost to alleviate some of these difficulties through the provision of healthy and nutritious food, to the communities in which we operate.

It is only because of the generosity of our food donors, our funders, our volunteers and the many businesses, organisations and individuals who put so much faith in us, that we can deliver our service.

Our year at a glance - 707,508kg 2,020,636 meals 211,545kg co2 saved

In the 2021-2022 year we distributed over 707,500 kg of quality food to 140 organisations who are supporting those in need, equating to 2,021,446 meals worth of food! This is a 42% increase on the previous year – all whilst operating in a fast-moving environment where constant change and the need for adaptability remain the norm.

Highlights for our team from the past year include:

  • the seamless relocation of our Kaibosh Kāpiti site to larger warehousing premises in Paraparaumu
  • the tireless help of our volunteer community who stood alongside us through all COVID-induced stops and starts
  • the incredible ongoing support from funders and donors who continue to share our vision of a Greater Wellington with Zero Food Poverty and Zero Food Waste

Thank you for supporting Kaibosh!

Kaibosh Team

Thank you to Jenn Hadley, folkYEAH design, for designing and publishing our Annual Review.

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