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Jan 24


Kaibosh has a kitchen!

This project has been simmering over recent months. Inside our largest food rescue hub in Pito-one, we have created a new cooking zone! Kai cooked at Kaibosh will use ‘second-sort’ rescued produce which can’t be distributed to the community as is. It’s the boxes of slightly squishy tomatoes, damaged vegetables, or bruised fruit – often it’s seasonal surplus that just needs a little TLC to be edible. Instead of being sent off to compost or to feed animals, we can now turn this food into nutritious, safe and delicious kai to distribute to our partner charities. Feeding people first!

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May 23


Give a Meal in May – 2023 videos feature our community

At Kaibosh we believe that by working together, we can create a world where everyone has access to healthy, nutritious food. Give a Meal in May and help us get good kai to people who need it most. Check out our latest series of short videos below, featuring some of ou partner community groups and volunteers. We’re working together to help alleviate food insecurity in our communities in the Greater Wellington Region. You can help us get more good kai to the community – Give a Meal in May and let’s make a difference together!

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community fruit peaches


Dec 22


Celebrating ten years of Community Fruit Wellington

Rescuing backyard fruit since 2012 How many different fruit trees are hidden away in Wellington backyards? The fruit pickers of Community Fruit Wellington might be the best people to ask – they’ve been rescuing backyard fruit since 2012.  “Walking past on the streets, you wouldn’t know what is at the back of properties… hidden treasures that are locked away that we get the privilege of discovering and sharing in the bounty,” says Manuela Fletcher, Community Fruit Wellington.  “There is so much fruit, beautiful fruit – organic. It’s unloved, unused, unwanted, going to waste. There is no need for that when so many people are in need of help.” 

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