How does it work?

What foods do we rescue?

  • Fresh produce
  • Frozen or fresh meat (excluding raw chicken)
  • Dairy products, including milk
  • Eggs
  • Frozen foods
  • Pre-packaged foods or meals in unopened, original packaging
  • Catered food that has not been served
  • Sandwiches, bread and bakery products
  • Non-alcoholic beverages

What food don’t we rescue?

  • Food that is no longer fit for human consumption due to decay or spoiling
  • Food that is past its ‘Use By’ or ‘Expiry’ date
  • Cooked food not prepared in a commercial kitchen
  • Catered food that has been served (on a buffet or similar)
  • Shellfish and other high risk seafood
  • Raw chicken
  • Food in damaged or open packaging which may compromise food safety
  • Foods or beverages containing alcohol
  • General rubbish e.g. cut scraps, vegetable peelings

Food rescue process

  • Contact us to discuss the food donation you’d like to make. We’ll give you:
    • Information about the foods that Kaibosh does and doesn’t rescue (please also see below)
    • Official food donation advice from the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI)
    • A Memorandum of Understanding which outlines Kaibosh’s and your responsibilities when donating food.
  • Once you’re signed up as a food donor, we’ll arrange a pick-up schedule that suits you. This may be a regular pick-up each day or week, or an ad hoc pick-up when you have food to donate.
  • At the arranged time, our driver will collect your quality surplus food in our chiller truck.
  • Donated food is taken to our premises, where our food sorting volunteers check it for quality before getting it ready for our community group recipients to collect the following day.
  • Food that doesn’t meet our quality standards for passing on to community groups is either donated to Black Sheep Animal Sanctuary or composted.
  • Food is handled and stored in line with the highest food safety standards throughout the entire process.

Important information

  • Please note that we have a 20kg minimum for food pick-ups. Drop-offs of smaller amounts of food are accepted during business hours.
  • Kaibosh does not accept any food past its ‘Use By’ or ‘Expiry’ date, or food that is no longer fit for human consumption.
  • Kaibosh is unable to guarantee availability for ad hoc food pick-ups and reserves the right to decline any food donation.

How about Food Safety regulations?

There are no regulations stopping businesses from donating surplus food and it is safe to do so.

Please note that we can only accept food from licensed food outlets and professionally catered events – not from individual homes. Kaibosh holds itself to the highest food safety standards and we’ll work closely with you to make sure that we get the best result for all.

You can find out more on MPI’s website.