Receive food

At Kaibosh we supply food to over 140 charities and community groups supporting people in need in the Greater Wellington region.

Unfortunately, we don’t provide food directly to individuals – find out where you can access food.


Why receive food?

Kaibosh supports community groups working with people in need by providing quality surplus food at no charge.

Many in our community rely on drop-in centres, food banks and a range of other services to meet their most basic daily food requirements. Without Kaibosh’s assistance, these services would have to spend time and money sourcing food for their clients, even though thousands of kilograms of quality surplus food are thrown away every day.

Because we work with a range of retailers, we can supply a large variety and quantity of food. This means that quality, nutritious food reaches those in our community who would otherwise have limited food choices.

Who can receive food?

In order to receive food from Kaibosh, community groups and charities need to:

  • Show a commitment to the community sector that is consistent with the mission, vision and values of Kaibosh.
  • Have a reputable and proven track record of effectively assisting those in our community who are in need.
  • Have robust procedures and appropriate facilities for the safe storage, refrigeration, handling and distribution of food received from Kaibosh.
  • Be able to regularly and consistently pick up food from Kaibosh HQ within an agreed timeframe.

Please note that Kaibosh does not provide food directly to individuals.

If your community group is interested in becoming a Kaibosh recipient, please get in touch.