Give a Meal in May – Get Involved

Join in to support Kaibosh this May.

We believe in a future Aotearoa with Zero Food Poverty and Zero Food Waste.Banner photo of a man wearing Kaibosh t-shirt holding a box of food, with text overlay: Help Kaibosh get good food to people who need it most.

Short on time? In summary – can you throw a fundraiser event for Kaibosh in May? Check out our event resources such as branded collateral and learning materials, or get in touch.

At Kaibosh, our job is to ensure good, quality surplus kai gets to people who need it most across Te-Whanganui-a-Tara, Te Awa Kairangi, Kāpiti and Horowhenua. Every year, our food rescue charity works hard to redistribute over 2 million meals worth of kai.

Now, we need your help.

Join our 2024 annual appeal month, Give a Meal in May, to help us raise funds for our important mahi. By joining us, you will help get 200,000 meals worth of rescued kai to feed our community for a month.

Get your team together this May and feel good about fundraising for Kaibosh!

Every $20 donated enables us to provide 40 meals worth of rescued kai to the community. 

Illustration showing 40 white plates with orange hearts on each, lined up. Text along the top says $20 donated = 40 meals.

Keen to host an event for Give A Meal In MayKa rawe! Awesome!

Read on for ideas about how to be involved. Get our event resources which include:

Illustration showing examples of Give a meal in May event resources provided by Kaibosh.

Ways to get involved

Host a fundraiser event

Can your workplace, marae, team, club or whānau host an event for Give a Meal in May?

Get together to connect, share kai, and learn about food rescue. Then, make a donation to Kaibosh.Illustration with three event ideas shown as icons: shared morning tea, food waste quiz, host a bake stall.

Involve your business

Choose to Give a Meal in May in a way that works for you and your team! 

Some ideas:

  • Make Kaibosh the charity your team will support throughout May – put a collection bucket on your reception desk or counter. 
  • Gather secondhand goods for a Trade Me auction with proceeds donated to Kaibosh.
  • Run a workplace learning lunch all about food waste, food rescue and/or food insecurity – more learning materials can be shared with you.
  • Donate a percentage from the sale of your products to Kaibosh.
  • Let your customers know about us and encourage them to also be part of Give a Meal in May.

Illustration showing three event ideas with icons: potluck dinner, taste test competition, collection jar for Kaibosh.

Keen to collaborate with Kaibosh? Get in touch to chat about your event idea!

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Help us make a difference

Since 2008, with backing from generous businesses, organisations, and individuals, our food rescue charity has distributed over 11 million meals worth of rescued food to people who needed it.

But we know there is more good food still needlessly going to waste out there, while so many people are struggling to put healthy kai on the table. Latest research from Child Poverty Action Group tells us that 1 in 8 kiwi kids are likely to go without fresh fruit and vegetables, and our community group partners are reporting an increasing need for kai.

With your support, we can find innovative ways to use more of the food we are able to rescue – such as our new Kaibosh kitchen in Pito-one which transforms food nearing the end of its life into healthy and delicious stocks, sauces, pickles, baking and more. Plus, help us advance our latest project! Currently we’re looking into the food rescue supply chain and investigating how we can reduce food loss between paddock and processing – there’s always a new idea cooking at Kaibosh!

Get behind Kaibosh to make a tangible difference to your community and the world around you.

Montage of photos of people working at Kaibosh people and community events.

Where your money goes

Your donations help us rescue more good surplus kai and get it to people who need it most.

You’ll be helping us with costs that help Kaibosh:

  • keep our fleet vans, including three EVs out there collecting the surplus kai.
  • power our three food rescue hubs in Wellington, Lower Hutt and Paraparaumu.
  • sort and redistribute on average 65,000kg of food every month to community partners.
  • help develop and run new initiatives to rescue more food, like our new Kaibosh kitchen!
  • help us look after over 170 amazing volunteers who donate their time to keep the wheels turning.

Every dollar counts – you’re helping Aotearoa get one step closer to Kaibosh’s and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal of zero food poverty!

Our mahi

Kaibosh is Aotearoa’s first food rescue charity founded in Te-Whanganui-a-Tara in 2008. Since then, we continue leading the way with the mahi and vision of zero food poverty and zero food waste.

Our purpose is to link the food sector with charities who are supporting people in need. We rescue and distribute around 65,000 kg of surplus food every month to 140 local community groups and charities in Te-Whanganui-a-Tara, Te Awa Kairangi, Kāpiti and Horowhenua.

Find out more about Kaibosh in our 1 minute video.

Kaibosh Food Rescue is an incorporated Charitable Trust (2179983) which is registered with the Charities Commission (CC38367) – you will receive a receipt for any donation over $5.00 and can claim 33.3% tax back on the donation at the end of the financial year.

Thank you for your support!